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I am currently employed as a naturalist for Johnson County Conservation. For now my time is focused on learning the flora and fauna of Iowa's amazing wildspaces. I enjoy spending time wiht our wonderful public and often learn far more from them than what I teach. Within this postition I find that I am getting back to my creative, inventive, and social side. I hope to head citizen science programs through my work as a naturalist to engage the public in a meaningful way to the environemnt that surrounds them.

My research interests are stress physiology and stress related to long term environmental change. I am particularly interested in answering scientific questions through non-invasive and non-fatal techniques. I focus my research on the development of methods that make new and traditional methods less invasive by decreasing the sampler footprint on organisms and their environment. My focus is on aquatic, estuary, marine, and alpine/montane systems as the systems in which to examine these questions. My interest in stress ecology extends to all flora and fauna.

I am also passionate about aiding young scientists, students and others in the community in their pursuit of understanding ecology, conservation, biology, and the scientific method through mentorship, teaching, collaboration, and networking. Please contact me with any inquiries.

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