Biological Work Experience

Nov. 2020 – Present 

Naturalist/Education Specialist, Johnson County Conservation Board

Position description: Environmental educator for the public of Johnson County, Iowa. My passions are citizen science, hunting/fishing, and engaging those who are underrepresented in outdoor settings.

Nov. 2014 – Nov. 2020

Ecologist/Project Manager, Western Ecosystem Technology Inc.

Position description: Supervise a team of biologist in implementing post construction monitoring on wind energy facilities in Iowa.

March – Aug. 2014

Wildlife Biologist, Kingfisher Ecological Inc.

Position description: Implemented Tillamook State Forest field survey protocol for detecting recording and collecting data on various owl species, used extensive navigation and mapping technology, and worked closely and reported to the state forest staff.

May – Aug. 2010

Wildlife Biologist, Grand Teton National Park Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit University of Wyoming

Position description: Implemented big horn sheep field survey protocols, including behavioral observations, locating sheep using radio telemetry, data collection and recording, used extensive navigation and mapping technology, and worked closely with park users, park staff and other government agencies.

Dec. 2008 – May 2010

Biological Laboratory Technician, Ben-David Lab, University of Wyoming Zoology and Physiology Department

Position description: Carried out all laboratory related duties including, DNA sample preparation and analysis, stable isotope preparation and analysis, vegetation sampling, blood chemistry processing and analysis, field preparation, employee training, inventory management, instrument maintenance, protocol design and development, and worked closely with other laboratory managers and researchers.

May – Aug. 2007

Biological Field Assistant, Glacier National Park, Montana University of Wyoming, Botany Department

Position description: Implemented botany fire ecology survey protocols including, multiple vegetation surveys for plants, shrubs, and trees, collected, identified, and preserved vegetation, performed tree and soil cores for aging and composition, used extensive navigation and mapping technology and worked closely with federal park employees, public users and other researchers.

May 1998-2001/2008

Conservation Crew Member, Muscatine County Conservation

Position description: Maintained all county parks, recreation areas and wildlife refuges including construction, building maintenance, flood preparation and clean-up, landscape care and development, equipment maintenance, development of wildlife feeding plots and worked closely with county land users, city and county agencies and community and educational programs.

April 2005 - May 2007

Archaeological Research Assistant, L. T. A. Inc

Position description: Implemented historical and prehistoric field survey protocols including, measurement, identification, and collection of artifacts, GIS mapping of historical sights, report writing, project proposals, field preparation, used extensive navigation and mapping, and worked closely with landowners, government agencies and public land users.

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